1. Visa Issuance Confirmation Number (VICN) Application
The required documents are collected from all parties and VICN application is submitted to Immigration Authority in Korea by a sponsoring company in Korea (3-4 weeks).

2. Physical Visa Sticker Application
After a VICN is issued, a physical visa sticker application is submitted at Korean Consulate abroad by an applicant (5 – 7 working days).

3. Arrival in Korea
An applicant enters into Korea with a physical visa sticker.

4. Alien Registration Card (ARC) Application
Foreigners staying in Korea for more than 90 days are required to apply for an ARC within 90 days from the date of entry. ARC must be applied by an applicant at a local immigration office in Korea.

Alien Registration Card

Physical visa sticker

Image provided by www.hikorea.go.kr website.

① No. of Visa : Serial No. of Visa Issuance
② Status : Type of social activities or status of Foreigners during their stay in Korea
③ Period of Sojourn : The permitted term of stay from starting from the date of entry into Korea
④ Entries : Visa Type : Single-Entry Visa or Multiple-Entry Visa
⑤ Issue Date : The date when the visa was issued
⑥ Expiration Date : The Valid Term of Visa. After this date, the visa is automatically rendered void.
⑦ Issued at : Where the visa was issued.