We pride ourselves on quality and attention to detail.

Our relocation specialists will see you through and guide you with every step along the way, from the beginning until the end.

– Present a Welcome Kit

– Research the current market for suitable properties that meet the assignee’s needs and budget

– Provide a home search itinerary and housing options before a home finding trip

– Accompany assignee on home search

– Assistance negotiating lease terms and finalizing the lease

– Tracking payment of rent and security deposit

– Assistance setting up utilities

– Accompany the handover the property

– Coordinate the completion of property condition form

– Introduction to various communities and points of interest

– Viewing sample housing options

– School overview

– Transportation options

– Assist with Driver’s License exchange

– Assist with bank account set up

– Assist with utility set up

– Neighborhood familiarization

– Advise on transportation options

– Shopping and lifestyle activities

– Medical facilities

– Provide information on and suitable options for schools

– Check availability and registration requirements

– Schedule school tours and meetings with admission office

– Assist with enrollment process and tracking

– Provide a driver’s manual book

– Advise on required documents

– Accompany a visit to support in completing forms/ physical test

– Search and provide available options that meet the specific needs and requirements of assignee

– Review car lease terms and conditions

– Coordinate all signatures as required

– Assistance arranging for property repairs in compliance with lease terms

– Arranging for other handyman or household maintenance services as requested

– Providing ongoing phone support

– Assistance sending cancellation notice and closing out utilities

– Accompanied pre-departure walk through to review condition of property and make recommendations for cleaning or repairs as appropriate

– Conduct a final walk through and complete the property documentation

– Recovery of security deposit or refundable unlived period of the rental

– Mail forwarding service

– Assist with closing bank account and other accounts

– Conduct a personalized cultural program that helps deal with new culture and people at work and in everyday life

– Areas of study include social practices, business etiquette, communication and negotiation styles, effective management and daily life.

– Offer a list of language schools

– Arrange 1:1 or small group private tutors to your new home or office or via Skype

– Organize personal interview and home inspection.

– Send different quotes for your approval

– Check required documents

– Reserving car park permits and booking elevators

– Monitoring and reporting of the moving